Welcome to Bitcoin For Dummies! But just what is bitcoin?
How can there be digital money? Is it, like, some kind of
Internet money? Is it something you should even be concerned
about, or indeed should you shy away from it? In the news, bitcoin
coverage tends to be sketchy. You may have read articles about
people losing their money, or using bitcoin for illicit purchases on
the black market. Or you may have read amazing success stories of
people and businesses flourishing by using it.
Fear not, dear readers. This book strips away the mystery and
gets down to the facts. It patiently explains exactly what bitcoin is,
discusses some of the possibilities this wonderfully disruptive yet
inspirational technology holds, and lays out some of the potential
benefits for all of us. Bitcoin could change our lives in a similar
way that the Internet has done over the last few decades.
In short, this book tells you everything you need to know to get
started. So what are you waiting for? Let’s, um . . . get started!

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